What is Web Marketing?

In simple words, Web Marketing is Marketing of any product over the website or we can say over the Internet.

How it is Better then other Marketing Resources?

In web Marketing you can actually track How many impression you get, how many people seen your adds and from which location, for how long they stay in your website, which part of your adds impress them to stay more etc etc and the best thing about it that you can actually control your expensive as well as you can made any changes or updates to your advertisement any point of time.

So here you can see there are lots of aspect which make web marketing really good and efficient as well.

Before starting the further study, lets take a look of few basic term which you will need through out the study:-

CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impression

It is a cost of advertisement seen thousand time over the Internet.

CPC - Cost Per Click

Cost per click is when somebody click on your advertisement over the Internet.

It means if nobody click on the Advertisement then there is not cost, you will only pay when somebody actually click on your advertisement and will go to your website.

CTR - Click Through Rate

This is a average of people who click through your website.
So we can say if your CPM is 1000 and only 100 people click on your website so your CTR will be 10%.

I know web marketing is really good and its seems perfect but before starting it there are some thing which you need to be take care of, let see what is that:-

You must have web analytic up and running before you start
web analytic is a tool which help you to track the status of your website and let you know about the traffic and resources, we will learn it in future lessons.

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